Mets Make Top 10 Plays For 2009

In this morning's Sports Center on ESPN, the Mets made both of their top 10 lists. ESPN presented, as usual, its top 10 plays of the year and of course, that had to be followed by the NOT top 10 plays of the year. The Mets were honored by being featured in both lists.

For the actual top 10 list, the Mets Daniel Murphy was #9 with his fantastic flip of the glove to the pitcher covering first base after the ball bounced off the edge of the base. Its one of those plays that is hard to describe in words. Below is the video of this amazing play.

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The Mets also made the #1 NOT top ten play of the year. It's a night you probably remember. A night a lot of your hope for this season just went away completely. I am talking about of course when the Mets where about to get a great 8-7 win over the Yankees and then Luis Castillo didn't catch an easy two out pop-up, two runs scored and the Mets lost the game 9-8. That play is probably still in your mind if you saw it, so there is no reason to post it here.

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