Bay Watch Part 5: No More Bay-Ruit for Bay

Jason Bay and the Mets agreed to a 4 year, 66 million dollar deal with a fifth year option yesterday (pending a physical) meaning that the slugger will be patrolling left field. At first, believe it or not, I wasn't excited about this deal, but now I am, because I am excited about some of the promise this provides.

Think about the outfield of the Mets now. We have Bay, Beltran and Francoeur. A combination like that in the lineup is one of the best outfields in the league in terms of hitting (assuming Francoeur plays the full year for the Mets next year with the numbers he put up as a Met, not a Brave). There is the potential here for a lot of homers and really a lot of runs. If the lineup looks like this:

1. Reyes
2. Castillo
3. Wright
4. Beltran
5. Bay
6. Francoeur/Murphy
7. Francoeur/Murphy
8. Santos/Thole/Blanco/Coste….Maybe Molina (which then complicates this more, so lets assume here no Molina)
9. Pitcher
This lineup looks great, when healthy. Beltran starts to clear the bases with RBI's, Bay powers to wrap it up, and then Francoeur/Murphy can finsih the run producing roles. Potentially, between Wright, Beltran, Bay and Francoeur, this team has four, yes four, clean-up hitters (where Beltran and Wright can both be three spot hitters and Wright and Bay could both be fifth spot hitters).

This really could be great for the Mets, and I am really ready for Spring Training and the season now (and will be more ready if we can get one more starter).

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