Bay Watch Part 4

Well, it has been a while since the Mets initial contract offer, and still no Jason Bay. A few days ago Gammons made a statement about how Bay would rather “play in Beirut than in Queens”. This sounds like a classic “he's just not that into you” situation. He doesn't want to play for us (based one what we are offering) and we are, smartly, not going to over buy on Bay. So what does that mean?

Well first for Bay, that means he will have to drop his requests becuase there are close to zero teams out there that can pay him what he wants to play.

For the Mets, it means they are probably making the right decision, as long as they go and plug up some holes. You know when you are hungry, and it is just as easy to eat a salad as it is to eat some Fast Food. You want to eat the Fast Food, and you will enjoy it, but you know later on it will hurt you. Well thats the situation here. We will enjoy having Bay in the lineup, and at first it will be good. However, as the year's go on, he will become a problem, especially if we give him 5 years. It won't be too big of a problem, but still a problem.

So what do we do instead?

We need to sign a pitcher, still look for a Castillo trade, and find a power outfielder that is reamining on the market that we can sign for one year (and only one year) and then spend big money on Free Agents next year, as that class is looking better. We still have a good core of players, we need to fill in the gaps right now.

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