Talk of Selling The Mets

In a week that has already seen Santana go down on injury, Putz go down on injury, Wagner be traded, Perez go down on injury and the Yankees blocking the portion of the Wagner trade that helps the Mets, something else arises from depths and this time it links all the way back to Madoff. According to an author on the Madoff scandal, and also seen on Metsblog, there are rumors starting to surface that Wilpon will be forced to sell some high percentage of the share of the Mets in order to recoop his losses. Now this entire situation is very unsure but now other rumors are starting to pop up that Wilpon has quietly been shoping a 40% stake, so that he is still in control of the Mets franchise.

On the fan side of this, this could be bad or could be good. Wilpon bought the Mets in 1980 and was a big reason why they won in 1986 as he put together a good front office. We thought that he did this again in 2005 when he put together the Mets new front office and they were successful, but now they might not be and now the Mets from top to bottom have deleveloped this mental problem where they hold on to their gusy for too long. Whether that “guy” is a player or a manager, they just don't let them go and this could develop into a serious problem.

So when I first heard this story today my first thought was “great, another day, another problem with the Mets” but as I sat down and thought about it, I am not sure right now. Maybe this is a blessing in desguise. Maybe the Mets need a shake up from top down to just start over anew. Or maybe, we just need a distraction while everyone rehabs.

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