Reshaping the Mets Next Year Part 1

First off, I have no idea how many parts this article will run, probably a zillion because the Mets will make a bunch of small moves that go with this plan and against this plan but anyway here we go. Somehow over the season the Mets raised their payroll up to 150 million and the first step for next year is at least bringing it down a little (and to free up money for future contracts). This is going to be easier thanks to the trading of Wagner who already knocks off about 7 million. Then there is Delgado, who we shouldn't bring back, and this year (the last year on his contract) he was getting 12. Finally there is Putz who next year he would get 8.6 million (on this payroll he is getting 5). All in all that means the Mets are getting about 27.6 million back.

What do we do on the field though. Lets start with Delgado. The Mets have a few solutions here. The first is to keep Murphy there and make him a first basemen. The other is to use Carter, who they just got in the trade with the Red Sox, and see how he does, moving Murphy back to left field (which takes care of another position mystery). Of course this gets a little tighter when the Mets want to use Fmart, who would fit in left while Murphy plays first.

When it comes to the pen, which is hit hardest in this scenario the Mets are going to probably hope that their starters are healthy and working again so they can put Parnell to a set up role. They might also be hoping for someone else to emerge from Spring Training like Parnell did this year. Look to see a lot of attention on players like Holt and Mejia because their success as possible starters will help keep the guys in the bullpen out of the rotation making both situations solid.

Now this is only one way though that the future could unfold, it really depends on which the Mets decide to do build. 

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