Game Preview: Phils vs Mets

The Mets and the Phillies finish their four game set this afternoon as the Mets try to win one and split the set. To do that though, they will have do something that no National League team has been able to do yet this season which is to get the best of Cliff Lee. Cliff Lee was well above average before he came to the Phils but since he has arrived he has elevated his game to a new level. Cliff Lee will also have to do something today that he has never done in his life which is face the New York Mets. This season Lee is 11-9 with a 2.72 ERA over 185.0 Innings pitched. However in the four games he has pitched for Philly he is 4-0 over 33.0 innings and has a 0.82 ERA. Here are the stats for the only three Mets to ever face Lee:
     Sheff 4-16
     Castillo 4-14, 2 2B
     Reed 1-5, 2B
For the most part yesterday, the Mets really fought as they tried to score runs in small bunches. They are going to have to be pesky again today to beat Lee. They need to get runners on and move them over then move them in. It would also help if the Mets can get some reliable starting pitching.

Parnell did not have a good start his last time out, however it was still one of his first starts and it was against a very good offensive club.Well he gets another chance against a good offensive club today as he battles the Phillies. There shouldn't be any pressure as Perez yesterday was just terrible. Anyway Parnell is 3-5 on the year with a 4.74 ERA over 57.0 innings pitched and in his last three games he is 1-2 with 11.1 innings and 11 ER (mostly due to the 8 ER from his last start). Against the Phils this year he is 0-2 over 6 games and 5.1 innings with 2 ER, 2 BB and 3K. Here are some Phillies stats against him:
     Feliz 2-4
     Rollins 0-2
     Werth 1-2
     Dobbs 0-2
     Victorino 1-2
Lets hold them with pitching! Lets fight back with hitting! Lets Go Mets!

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