Reacting to Signings and Trades

Its been a little over a week since I've been able to post and a couple of moves have been made that I wanted to comment on. The first being the Francoeur for Church trade. I know a lot of people have been commenting that this was a nothing trade, but I really like this trade for a few reasons. The first being that it was an old fashion one for one trade where both teams try to make their situations better by giving struggling players a new atmosphere to play in. The second is that the Mets have really nothing to lose in this trade. Although Francoeur has been struggling the last two seasons, he still has a tremendous upside, something that Church really doesn't have. Plus, when you consider the outfield the Braves have moving up the system, they probably aren't looking for Church to be an everyday starter. The main downside to this trade is that it isn't a blockbuster that is going to fix everything that is wrong with the Mets team currently, but honestly what would do that at this point.

The next signing is that of Pedro. Look, if he does good than the Phils look like they know what they are doing on and off the field but in reality I just can't believe he is going to be that good. This is a situation where he needs to pitch in a big league game for me to believe that he has it in him to be effective (in other words, I am not entirely convinced that the Phils even need him right now).

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