Game Preview: Marlins vs Mets

The Mets open up a series with the Marlins tonight after failing to sweep a team for the third time this season. The Mets will also look tonight to win consecutive series for the first time this season. Anyway, the Marlins have cooled off from the last time we saw them. They were 3-0 and after we played them 5-1 where they stayed for a while until recently where they have been on a 6 game losing streak. They are ready to push back and the Mets need to be ready to keep pushing them down. The Mets will be sending John Maine to the mound, looking to rebound tonight and he will face Anibal Sanchez.

John Maine has already faced the fish this season and did a pretty good job at it, especially when comparing that outing to his next two. He with 5.0 innings, allowed 2 runs, walked one and struck out 5. On the season he is 0-2 with 15.2 IO, 13 ER, 9 BB, 11 K. In 08 against the fish he had a 4.1 IP outing where he walked one, struck out 6 and only allowed one run. In 2007 he was a 3-0 in 4 games against the fish with a 2.45 ERA, 25.2 IP, 12 BB, and 38 K. Here are the numbers the Marlins have against Maine:
     Uggla 4-17, 2B, HR, 7K
     Ramierez 4-18, 2 HR
     Hermida 5-13, 2B
     Paulino 1-6
     Ross 0-4, 2K
     Maybin 0-2, 2K
The trick for Maine is to remember that he can pitch effectively and can do it against the Nationals. As soon as he gets on a roll he should be fine its all about he he establishes himself from the start. If he starts on the wrong foot, well he'll probably be like that all night. This goes for the hitters as well but the Mets need to start make in game, and in inning adjustments to not only their opponents but to the adjustments that their opponents are making.

The Mets will try to back up Maine tonight by lighting up Sanchez who is 1-1 on the season in three games and has a nice 2.50 ERA with 8 BB and 13 K. Last time out against the Mets this season he held the Mets scoreless over 5 innings allowing only 4H, 3BB, 5K. Last year against the Mets he lasted only 3.1 innings against the Mets where he allowed 3 runs and walked 4 with 7 Hits. Here are the numbers the Mets have against Sanchez:
      Reyes 2-10, 2B
      Church 7-13, 3 2B, HR
      Wright 2-10, 5K
      Delgado 3-8    
      Beltran 3-7, HR
The Mets need to channel their play from Saturday where the capitalized on mistakes, and were able to keep rallies going with hits. If they can rally tonight, and if Maine pitches, well, then the Mets can win, but if they fall to their weaknesses again, of bad starting pitching and no clutch hitting, then they will have a long night. Lets Go Mets! Fry the Fish!

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