Johan Plays Stopper

The Mets finally turned it around today as Johan Santana turned out another great performance. This time he went 6 innings, allowed only one run (putting his ERA at a pretty .70) and still manage to strike out 10. In fact, the first batters he faced in the game he struck out. That is really incredible. He also, sort of, got some run support tonight as well. The Mets won by the score of 4-3, and while Santana was out there they got 3 runs. While that doesn't really sound like a lot of run support, it was more than his last two starts combined. Tonight the bullpen looked a little human, well, more like Krod looked a little human as he allowed two runs in the ninth inning. The difference betwen Krod and the Mets last year is that Krod didn't allow three runs he allowed only two runs and kept the Mets in the game and didn't blow the game.

Overall I am happy. The Mets could have played a lot better. Several times in the game they had the bases loaded and didn't do anything with it. They got in the win columm though, they won the first game of the series, and now they have to focus on winning tomorrow. Since its still April, it is still time to take each game one at a time and just focus on winning. Not on the Marlins or anyone else (not that anyone is right now, or not that anyone is focusing on other teams in the division). We are at the point in the season that focusing on winning will bring a first place position and will bring the playoffs. We just have to keep winning. Tomorrow is a big day as Mike Pelfrey looks to show all of us that he can pitch and that there is more than one pitcher in the starting rotation.

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