Game Preview: Nationals vs Mets

The Mets will try to make it two in a row today as they take on the Nationals for the early afternoon Saturday game. The Mets ended a four game slide last night and a win today is key for a few reasons. First, the Mets will then win the series if they win today. Second, the Mets then can start to put that four game slide behind them with a win today. Most importantly, it shows they can win without Johan, and for that one that means Pelfrey has to play like a champion today, which we know he can, he just has to focus, and we just have to hope he is healthy. He will be going against Cabrera today.

Pelfrey really needs to buckle down today. So far this season, he some how has managed a 1-0 record despite his 10.0 innings pitched with 9 ER, 6 BB and 5 K. Last season he want 1-2 against the Nationals in 4 games with 26.2 innings pitched. During that time, he allowed 7 ER (2.36 ERA), walked 11 and struck out 12. The key for Pelfrey is to keep the ball in yard, to keep the base paths empty and he can rock it. Here are the stats the Nationals have against Pelfrey:
    Zimmerman 5-24, 2B
    Kearns 5-16, HR
    Belliard 3-15, 2B
    Willingham 3-10, 3B, HR
    Dukes 2-3, 2B, HR
Willingham went 0-1 in a PH last night, lowering his season BA to .167. If I was Acta, I would let him play against the Mets because he usually works miracles against us. That being said, I am very glad that Acta didn't play him last night. Kearns is the other player on the Nats that always worries me. If Pelfrey can hold down his demons, and the Mets support him with runs, then the Mets should win this game.

Daniel Cabrera is a pitcher I am very familiar with him. I used to live outside of Baltimore (now I live outside of DC) and back then I used to see Cabrera pitch all the time. When Cabrera is on, he is lights out and he can strike out players no problem. He is can strike fear for two reasons. First, he is big. I think hes about 6'10, but he also has a full frame, in other words he looks like a football player. The other reason he is scary comes from his lack of control. On days he isn't on, he is worse than Oliver Perez as he will throw balls everywhere. This season he is 0-1 over 16.0 IP with 8 ER (4.50 ERA), 8 BB and 6K. He has never faced the Mets but do not fret because many Mets have faced him:
     Cora 13-30
     Sheff 6-23, HR, 7 BB
     Reed 2-8, 2B, 3B
     Castillo 3-7
     Delgado 2-3, 2 HR
     Church 1-2
The key to Cabrera is that the players have to gauge him early. Take pitches the first time through the lineup and see where his fastball is. If he isn't on, then wait during the game because Caberea will walk himself into trouble. If he is hitting his spots, then the next way to get to him is to be aggressive. Of course with that the Mets could get into a lot of strike out trouble. The game should be interesting as both of these pitchers are looking to make their mark. Lets Go Mets! Beat the Nats!

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