Spring Training Game 31: A Well Pitched Game

The Mets beat the Orioles tonight in a tight contest, by the score of 2-1 tonight. Perez looked a lot better tonight but he still has some issues that the SNY crew pointed out. Mainly, he might just not be ready yet. He is consistently hitting 86 with his fast ball which last season floated around 91 to 93. This really a sign of his arm just not being strong enough yet. Anyway, here are some box highlights that show off the Mets great pitching tonight, and some nice hitting by Dan the Man Murphy:
The Good:
     Murphy 2-4, R, HR, 2B, RBI
     Wright 1-3, BB, SB
     Perez 6.2 IP, 4H, ER, BB, 3K
     Putz 1.1 IP, H, Win
     Parnell 1.0 IP, BB, K, Save
The Bad:
     Reyes 0-4
     Delgado 0-3
     Church 0-3
     Castro 0-3
Even with the weak fastball tonight, Perez really handled the Orioles which, if you don't follow the AL East, are actually a pretty good hitting team (they just suffer from usually terrible pitching, which wasn't true tonight, the guy they had tonight was very good). The other big story on the mound tonight besides Perez was Putz. Putz went out their for four outs which was great to know he can. Now we know that both Krod and Putz can do it, and both of them will probably be called on that at some point in the season. Its a great feeling to have that confidence in the pen. At the plate to night Murphy was just on fire, which was great because the other Mets starts for the most part were not. Reyes, Delgado, Church all struggled. Castro also struggled tonight. Less than a week to go!

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