Battle of the Mets Blog 2009: The Team is Drafted

Last Friday we had our baseball draft for the battle of the blogs, and finally this year I didn't have the last pick, I had the forth. With the forth pick I was expected either Pujols or Hanely because I just assumed in a Mets league Wright and Reyes would be drafted first but lucky for me I was wrong and Wright was left of the top 4 when it came to my pick, so I took the obvious pick with Wright. anyway, here is my team. Each player is listed by position, then after their name are the other positions they can play, the round they were drafted and the pick overall. It goes without saying that any infielder can also play in the IF spot and any outfielder can also play in the OF spot. Heres the team that will hopefully win the battle:
    C- Russ Martin (3B) (5,52)
    1B- Conor Jackson (LF) (12,141)
    2B- Pedroia (2, 21)
    3B- Wright (1,4)
    SS- Jeter (11,124)
    IF- Guillien (1B, 3B) (15, 172)
    LF- Lee (3, 22)
    CF- Wells (9, 100)
    RF- Ordonez (8, 93)
    OF- Chris Young (CF) (16, 189)
    UT- Orlando Cabrera (SS) (18, 213)
    BN- Polanco (2B) (19, 220)
    BN- Saltalamaccia (C) (20, 287)
    BN- Bourn (CF) (21, 244)
    BN- Harriston Jr (2B, SS, LF, CF, RF) (After Draft Add)
    SP- Felix Hernandez (6, 69)
    SP- Cain (10, 117)
    SP- Garza (13, 148)
    SP- Jered Weaver (17, 196)
    RP- Nathan (4, 45)
    RP- Soria (7, 76)
    P- Capps (14, 165)
    P- Gutherie (22, 261)
    BN- Edwin Jackson (After Draft Add)

    Drop- Reynolds (23, 268)
    Drop- Tillman (24, 285)

The Roster pretty much speaks for itself, but there are two notes I want to make. First on the topic of Jeter, which the other Mets Bloggers ribbed me for and they had every right to for that pick. It was getting late in the draft, and I needed a SS, the only other good SS left was Hardy, but he doesn't hit for average or runs, and thats what I needed at that point in the draft. So I picked, with pick 124 Jeter, which is still really late for him because he goes early in most drafts. I feel dirty, and trust me I wont be rooting for him, I will be rooting for utility SS Cabrera to have a good enough year for him to start SS, and then move Bourn to the UT spot. Anyway the other note I wanted to make was that isn't it something that I had the 213th pick in the draft (if you don't get it, check the name of the website), thats pretty awesome. (Which was also Cabrera, the player vs Jeter, man this is a story with strange, strange details).

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