Spring Training Game 30: I can't Believe I Have Written 30 of These

The Mets played Spring Training Game 30 today (number includes exhibition games) and I am so ready for the regular season to start, especially after games like today. Pelfrey was supposed to start today, he got an out in before the rain started, so the Mets are not going to put him back in after a long delay. The rest of the game was pretty much dull. The Mets had very few starters in the game (it was an away game by the way) and they lost by the score of 5-1. Anyway here are some highlights:
The Good:
    Church 2-4, RBI, 2B
    Evans 1-3, BB
    Reed 1-2, 2 BB
    Stokes 2.2 IP, 2H, 2BB
    McNabb 1.0 IP, H
The Bad:
     Malo 0-4
     Kielty 0-4
     Green 1.0 IP, H, ER, K, HR
     Fossum 2.2 IP, 6H, 3 ER, 2K
As you can see, not much going on in this game. Quick notes are that Reed is almost certainly going with the Big League club and Kielty has really cooled off as of late, and this is the wrong time to cool off. I think his disadvantage is the Mets have a lot of players who play in the OF already, and they are going to need more middle infielders going up north. Green made one mistake today and that was the run, but overall on the Spring he has been very very good….Is it Monday April 6th yet?

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