Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects

Baseball America released their top 100 prospects going into this season today, and while the order is not really surprising, I want to point out the four Mets that made the list this year. The list started off with Wieters from the Orioles system and he was followed by David Price in Rays system. I had the opportunity to see Wieters play a few times last year since he played for AA Bowie, which is fairly close to where I live. This kid is the real deal. Those of you who have been to Minor League games, and have seen future stars come from them can tell when someone is the real deal, even when they have an off night. He wasn't the star the night I saw him but every hack he took with the bat looked good, sounded good and when he made contact, he made good contact. I believe he went 2-4 on the night with a double and a single, but his two outs where hard line-outs. Anyway back to the Mets, here are the Mets that made the list:
   30- FMart, ETA 2010
   47- W Flores, ETA 2012
   77- Niese, ETA 2009
   94- Holt, ETA, 2010
They had an interesting note for both Fmart and Flores. Fmart was the youngest player last year in AA and Flores was the youngest player in all of proball last year. With Niese they talked about his innings pitched and Holt they talked about his dazzling 1.87 ERA last year. These names are not surprsing. These are the guys that we are starting to hear about. Flores is interesting because he is so young, only 17, we will really get to see this guy develop. I look foward to reading about him this year in the minors. With Niese's performance yesterday, he is not completely knocked out of getting that last starting job. Young players are exciting, and we might have some coming up soon.

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