Murphy Starting In Left, Tatis/Church Platoon in Right

According to,
Jerry Manuel today released a big decision about the Outfield. Instead
of having a platoon of Murphy and Tatis in Left, he will now have
Murphy be the starting left fielder with the a platoon of Tatis and
Church in Right. Murphy has a .400 against Lefties, but that is from 4
hits in 10 AB. Manuel believes because of his hitting skills and work
ethic that Murphy will be able to produce regularly against lefties
which is why he will have the starting job. Overall last season in the
majors, in 131 AB, Murphy posted a strong .313 BA, and also showed a
strong sense of hitting.

The other reason why the platoon was
switched was Manuel sees overall Murphy doing better against righties
and lefties rather than Church against righties and lefties. Of course,
if Church produces a strong Spring and strong start, then he will also
have a starting job in Right which will make Tatis just a pinch hitter.

Murphy really has been impressing so far this Spring with his
work ethic in the 80-pitch drill and if he can produce good results on
the field, then this is a good move for the Mets to make. Hopefully
Church can return to form before his concussion, and then having Tatis
on the bench just as a PH will make the Mets bench that much stronger

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