Mets Fifth Rotation Spot More Cloudy

Redding hurt his arm trying to get back into form to make the Mets roster as a starter this season. He's claiming that the injury will delay him only a week because it just pushes him back to long toss, and then in a week he can go back to the mound. Although the Mets would like to have the world believing that they had all confidence in Redding, that he was going to be the Fifth starter, the actions the Mets have taken speak louder and with signing Garcia and Hernandez, it was going to be open season this sprign to get that last starting spot. With Redding out for a little bit, it is really on as the playing field is leveled,  only if it wasn't for Redding, because I still feel that going into Spring each of these pitchers had an equal chance, well maybe not Hernandez, to get that last rotation spot.

Like most Mets fans, I would prefer to see Garcia in that last spot. He's more risky but when he's good he is good. Redding is more consistent, but he is also consistently below average, and although the Mets have a good bullpen this year, its still nice to only have to use the bullpen 2-3 innings a game, not 4+ which it would more than likely be for Redding consistently. The Games start next week and its exciting because that means these races will be on.

In other Baseball news the Athletics and the Phillies are both interested in Garciapparra for the bench, Hudson passed his physical, and the Astros and the Mets are both not interested in Pudge, leaving the Marlins on his list, but they don't really have aviallbility.

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