Two Year Anniversary!

Today is the two year anniversary of this website and I really wanted to take some time and thank all of you who read this site and listen to what I have to say. Two years ago, on January 31, 2007 I had a vision to create a Mets site that was heavy on numbers and analysis, while I have changed a lot over that time (now that I know how to actually write, I don't have to hide behind numbers as much and I can present better written articles). At this point last year I had about 300 articles written (I think somewhere around 330). Now there are over 740 articles on the website, and average of slightly more than one a day.

The views have really gone up as well. So far, according to sitemeter, there have been over 7800 views in the past two years, not including the 6000 views the site had before switching to sitemeter.

The biggestg change of the past year though has been Mets Merized Online. In May, I was approached by the owner of the Mets Merized to take the game preview articles that I write here, and post them over there. By doing that, the amount of traffic I have been getting on this website has really taken off, and I thank Joe so much for the opportunity to write on Mets Merized Online.

For the next upcoming year, I plan to keep doing what I do, writing every day, increase traffic, give out previews, start reviews, introduce players and now cover the WBC. Also, my goal is by this time next year to have an overall average of 2 articles a day over three years, so I better get typing.

Thank You again for reading this website. Lets Go Mets

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