Winter League Action: Stoner, Feliciano

For a second straight day, Mets pitching takes the spotlight in the Winter League Action report and this time it is because of minor league starter Tobi Stoner. Besides that, there wasn't much to write home about last night as the pretty much all but one of the hitters had bad nights at the plate. Here are the stats with the team name first followed by the players name and then the stat line:
     Lara- Alfonzo 1-4
     Arecibo- J Feliciano 1-5, BB
     Arecibo- Casanova 2-4, R, RBI, BB
     Santurce- Valentine 1-4, RBI, BB
     Ponce- Feliciano .1 IP, K
     Mayaquez- Stoner 7.0 IP, 5 H, BB, 4 K
     Aguilas- F Pena 0-3
     Aguilas- Diaz 0-3
     Licey- A Hernandez 1-5, R
How good was Stoner? So far in the playoffs he has allowed no earned runs and is pitching very well. His WHIP was under one in this outing! Stoner should have picked up the win, but the bullpen blew the game behind him. Feliciano had a perfect outing as well, he saw one batter, and struck him out. Thats pretty efficient. On the hitters side, only Casanova had a good night with another multiple hit and RBI night. Valetine's night wasn't bad either. Looking back on the list though, for the hitters, only J Feliciano and F Pena are actually in the Mets system right now, so their nights are the only ones that matter (outside of both Pitchers who are both in the Mets System of teams).

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