Brooklyn Cyclones to Become the Barackyln Cyclones on June 23rd

The Brooklyn Cyclones have done it again, they announced today that on June 23rd, they will be changing their name for the day to the Baracklyn Cyclones and its just the beginning of a ton of events on that day. First off, ticket prices will go back to the 2001 season for that game (and the first series of the season). They will be giving away an Obama bobble head and the team will be wearing their new jerseys with their new name on them:

In addition, they will have universal health care that night with the first 1000 fans getting band-aids. If your name is Barack, you will get in for free. If you are a plumber named Joe, then you get a free ticket for yourself and one for your friend so you can spread the wealth. If you are a McCain or Palin, you can a free ticket to the bleacher seats. They are also advertising their clear cut exit strategy which is American Flags and Coupons on your way out of the ballpark.

Last year was the first year in 5 years that I didn't make it to a game in Brooklyn, and I know I will miss this game, which makes me sad. If you can go to this game, just do it. Games in Brooklyn are amazing and this sounds like one of the most involved promotions I have seen in a long time. I love how the minors can do this and I really look foward to photographs of the night. Please visit the official site of the Baracklyn Cyclones to see a great youtube video to promote this event, it is very funny and very Brooklyn Cyclones.

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