Andruw Jones On the Mets? Unlikley But…

Chipper Jones has always been a Mets killer. He also had his buddy Andruw Jones who could put up the numbers against the Mets. The trade winds have been whirling and there are now rumors that Andruw could be coming to New York as a Met to play right field. Now if one was to place trades on a scale from not happening to packing the bags and heading over to a new city, this trade is unlikely and closer to the not happening side. According to Olney, the Dodgers and the Mets have kept the “porch light on” for trade discussions (he gives the Mets moving Castillo a 50/50 chance).

However if it does happens, a lot of dominoes would fall: The trade would only happen from a Mets perspective if Castillo was shipped off to LA. That means now there is an opening for second base on the Mets. The Mets have wanted Hudson for a while, and its not a secret, and he is still on the market. He would make a great addition to this new, intense lockeroom with Krod and Putz. So by trading for Jones we are effectivily recieving Hudson as well, and his above average bat in the lineup. Hudson is also a more ideal number two hitter behind Reyes because ever since Castillo's decline and LoDuca's Decline, the Mets have been hard pressed to find a consistent number two hitter in the lineup.

The other side is that at this point the careers of Jones and Castillo, Jones has more upside. While it wouldn't be the world's most ideal outfielder fix, its better than nothing. There is then the question of pressure. Jones has been facing pressure since going to the Dodgers to be their source of pop in the lineup. That pressure would be gone in New York because he would be in the back of the lineup. However, there is then the pressure of New York, which is generally unpredictable.

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