The Pitching and Outfield Markets are Taking Shape

As the clock ticks down on 2008, we are about to reach January which is always an interesting month because most teams are already set. The situation this month in particular is that there are several big names, Manny, Lowe, Perez, that were expecting to be signed a while ago, and have suitors lined up, however that hasn't happen.

The Mets are looking for another starting pitcher, they still have three pitchers left on their short list, the same three they have had all season on that list: Lowe, Perez, Wolf. The Mets benefit is that the other teams have their rotations ready to go and that means the Mets can have their pick at a bargain off of that list. Yesterday, that goal became much easier because the main suitor for Lowe not named the Mets was the Red Sox who picked up Brad Penny. That means their rotation is pretty much full. I wouldn't put it passed the Red Sox to still go hard after Lowe, but for the Mets, they are in a good position. The word on the street is that the Mets are going to give out offers to Lowe, Perez and Wolf later this week. This week mentally feels the same as the Winter meetings because it feels like rotation resolution is going to come soon.

With the outfield situation, things are going to get hairy for Manny. The Dodgers are starting to look at Dunn and that always seemed like a location where Manny could fall back on. A few ESPN personalities feel the Nationals could be a situation, I still have a piece of me that feels the Orioles could be interested if Manny's price really drops. I think the O's might be looking at Dunn as well. If the Dodgers do sign Dunn, its anyone's guess where Manny goes.

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