Yankees Get Teixeira

My first reaction was fantastic, now I don't have to type about Teixeira anymore because I am one of those people that no matter how hard I try, I can never spell his name right.

That being said, I am shocked. I know I shouldn't be shocked, the Yankees said a long time ago that they wanted him, but I just thought that after CC and after AJ they wouldn't spend anymore. That they were done. After a 161 million dollar contract and after 82.5 million dollar contract, they couldn't afford another one of these contracts. Well they went out there and signed Teixeira for 8 years and 180 million bringing their offseason total to at least 423.5 million dollars. They have literally redefined what it means to spend money and rebuild a baseball team in one offseason (as opposed to the two offseason method the Mets did in 05 and 06 then again in 08 and 09).

The fallout for the Mets is now the Red Sox have lost their biggest target and now they need to respond, well, they “need” to respond. This is bad in the case for Derrick Lowe as the price tag on him will rise. I also wonder about if the Sox will now get involved with Perez or if they will start to inquire about Delgado (same goes for the Angels). More importantly, the offseason will now get moving again as the Tex signing will allow Boras to focus on his other clients. Remember that article I wrote a few days ago about the East Coast Lure, its starting to look more and more like a New York lure as now Krod, Putz, CC, AJ and Tex have all landed in the Big Apple, which is quickly become the center of the universe for Baseball.

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