Weird Feelings After Seeing New Pics of Citi

I looked at some new pictures of Citi Field today, and the stadium looks amazing. It looks modern, it is starting to get nice details, it looks like there a ton of video boards, and it looks very cozy. If I was going to an away game, I would be amazed at the stadium, it would be the highlight of the trip, even if the Mets won (assuming that the Mets were the road team).

But what about it being a home game?

I have been very excited for a while when I heard the Mets were getting a new stadium. But something hit me hard today when I was looking at the pictures. The stadium isn't home. I never really relized how much of Shea I tied with the Mets, especially considering I have aways been an away fan. I am hoping, and I know, that by the time season starts, Citi will start to feel like home.

The reason this is hitting home to me in a different way is the camp that I went to for many years as a child, and went back last year as a Counselor, has gone through huge changes. The Bunks that have been around for over 50 years are all being knocked down this week and at one end its exciting for something new, but there is sad feeling when you know a huge part of tradition gets cut out. Bringing the apple back to Citi is a great way to bring some tradition back to life. So, here's to looking forward to new traditions starting next year and to making home games feel like home (Luckily for us, the biggest factor of being “home” is the fans, so we will make Citi home).

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