The Lower Cost Way To Fix the Mets

First off, Lower cost is relative. This solution guide is basically the other path to go instead of signing one (or two, but doubtful) of KRod, CC, and Manny. There are three other names that seem to be good fits for the Mets. I'm talking of course about Derrick Lowe, Fuentes, and Hudson.

Why Lowe over CC? CC is amazing, he is an ace. Can we afford another ace? We have one, but our pockets might not able to shell out for another. To get anything else this offseason would mean that we would have to trade from our already light farm system that we just started to rebuild. Lowe is a solid starter, and thats what the Mets need, just another solid starter.

Why Fuentes over Krod? They are both good, and we will save money on Fuentes over Krod. The goal is to save money because we want to be able fix the most issues in one offseason as we can, because for the msot part, we are ready to win now, just need a few more pieces, which leads to why Hudson? A lot of people are talking about the Floyd void, and I believe in that. They need a strong voice in the clubhouse that keeps the team going, and Hudson is that. The challenge with Hudson is then dumping Castillo.

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