Have you seen the Shea Auction Recently?

As we approach the end of the month, the first round of bidding on Shea memorabilia will end on MLB Auctions, and the prices for items, some items you just wouldn't initially think as popular, have skyrocketed. There used to be a collection of items up for a flat fee, but they disappeared quickly (mainly being Shea Bricks for 50 and Outfield walk bricks for 100) and those were the cheapest items really up for bid. Here are some of the highlights:

The Mets Ketchup/Mustard holder (big plastic black thing with the Mets logo on it), right now there are 17 bids on it, and it is at 485 dollars. I just never thought of that being a popular item, but it is. (It actually takes me back to this summer though when my Mom and I went to a game and she pointed out how even the condiment holders have the Mets logos on it, remember, living in Baltimore, we are not used to seeing our team logos, everywhere).

The yearbook covers in general are surprising to me. They are all well over 300 dolloars and the only thing that makes them different than finding the actual ones is that they were hangining in the executive office.

For over 750 dollars, you can get the menu board at some of Shea's best eats. I really like this idea, its an interesting piece of Mets history (of course its more modern history than some of the other peices that you can get).

If you are interested in checking out the auction, check it here. Check around the other auctions too, I found a Pedro Feliciano game used World Baseball Classic Locker Tag for 25, which is very very cheap in comparision to the other items being acutioned (for example, most game used balls are at least 50, and there is only one locker tag, so its monetary value they demand sometimes doesn't make sense).

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