Look Ahead: Interleague 2009

I normally save the schedule previews until January or February, but I wanted to do this one now because the Mets have my favorite Interleague Schedule. For the most part, the Interleague Schedules try to pit one division against another division (except in 2007 when the Mets had to face all of the 2006 AL playoff teams), anyway, this year we are back to playing the AL East, which is by far my favorite. (I would go as far as say that it should be each division vs their counterpart every year, it allows “rivarlies” and fixes some of the issues like the Mets facing the Yankees twice and the other teams in the NL East facing them 0 times). Anyway here is the Mets tentative Interleague Schedule:
     May 22-24 @ Boston
     June 12-14 @ New York Yankess
     June 16-18 @ Baltimore
     June 19-21 vs Tampa Bay
     June 26-28 vs New York Yankees
Work pending, I will be at all of the games at Baltimore. It is a great time to see the Mets at Camden Yards, and to wear the Orange and Blue at the Yard. The part of the schedule that I found interesting is that the Mets are back in Fenway, they were in Fenway last time, so it didn't flip. The Orioles I know where at Shea last time, so they flipped locations. And the first two AL teams to play in Citi will be the Rays and the Yankees.
Another interesting note here is that the Mets are playing the Yankees twice in June. We usually play the Yankees once in May and once in June, so it will be different this year. This should be fun interleague set this year.

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