The Ace

Johan had an amazing day today. A career day. He has pitched in a lot of situations this year where the Mets have needed him to win, and he has, but none as big as today. He was coming off of a great outing on short rest where he allowed 2 runs over 8 innings and had the highest pitch count in his career at 125 pitches. He then went out today and with the orders of we need a win, he just went out and decided to do the entire game today. If you look at the stats, it was an amazing game. He went 9 innings allowing only 3 hits, 3 walks and then struck out 9.

When you take his performance in this game, and then compound it with what this game meant for the Mets, this is why he is an ace and why he is considered one of the games best pitchers. It is very easy to imagine that if some of his game leads were not lost by the pen, that he could have been a 20 game winner very easily this year. Also, his ERA for the season is an amazing 2.53. He dropped his ERA .11 today, which is incredible at this point in the season.

He allowed the Mets to live another day, and now we need to take that gift and run with it tommorow.

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