Good Bye Shea

Well with that loss the Mets have played their last game at Shea Stadium. We have a lot to look at and talk about, but for now, I think its only appropriate to step back and appreciate the good times we had at Shea. Its time too admire those great World Champion Teams, to admire the team that brought hope and smiles back to New York City and America after 9/11. Its time to remember that Shea.

In a few days, its time to look at the bullpen issues, the games that might have cost us a shot, but right now, lets just remember the bulky stadium that brought us good times and bad times, that have put us on many an emotional rollercoaster, and the stadium that has meant so much to each of us in our lives.

Its also time to start rooting for the Brewers again and hope they can pull a Rockies from last year and a sweep the Phils.

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