Anxeity and Excitement

Baseball is a long season. It starts in April, this year at the end of March, and goes all the way to October just get a shot of playing another month to become World Champions. Each teams play 162 games to determine the 8 “best” teams. Well for three teams, the Phillies, the Brewers, and our New York Mets, there are two spots still open after 158 games and they all have a shot at getting those remaining playoff spots. You can almost say that this whole week has been like the playoffs for the Mets. The next three days are basically the playoffs, you really can't debate either way because if the Mets win out then they are at least guarenteed a one game playoff if everyone wins out.

The downside is that the Mets might have the hardest situation out of all teams. The Marlins are better than the Nationals, and the Marlins love to play spoiler. The Cubs are going to start resting up for the postseason. Now, I don't know how far that will go because Lou is not a lay down type of guy, but they more than likely will not play their hardest. So the Mets have to do this on their own again. Pelfrey is goin to have to be on target, Santana is going to have to be Santana. With Saturday, who knows either Niese are or Knight will have pull an amazin start out of the bag or it might be a bunch of pitchers doing that.

Its time. Its the Pre-Post Season 2008. Do you want momentum in the actualy Playoffs? Well this is where to get that momentum. Who will we play? Will we play? None of those questions can be answered until this weekend is played. Lets do this! Lets Go Mets!

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