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Feels great to be back at .500 eh? It hasn't been too long since the Mets were last at .500 but it really does feel like a long time. It might be because I am living right now in a place with limited outside connections, but it feels a like a different team and it feels like it has been like a different team for a long time. On the topic of the biggest change, Randolph to Manuel, I love that recent post on were it was reported that Manuel kept Easely in because he is playing hot. That seems like great logic it to me, and lets hope that this play helps out.

For last night, how great it is to see some offense out of unlikely places. Nixon is a good addition to this team and I stand by that, but its hard to over look his .188 BA since he joined the team last week, especially when you consider that during his first game with the Mets, he went 3-4. So its nice to see him hit a homerun last night and help the Mets put up a pretty score of 7-2. With that, its also nice to see Delgado and Beltran hitting once again. Beltran with a 3-5 night and Delgado with is 2-5, these are the things you would expect to see out of this mets lineup when you look at them on paper. In Delgado's last five games, he has two games that he has gone 2-5. Over his last 10 he is still hitting a low .214 but hopefully he can start hitting consistently and get his BA to rise.
Theres light forming at the end of the tunnel, but there is a lot, a lot of baseball left to be played. Lets Go Mets!

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