Baseball News: Orioles doing something right, Nolan Ryan

The Orioles are finally listening to their fans, which is a shocker. The Baltimore Sun printed this morning that the team is going to move to have “Baltimore” on their away jerseys next year. Fans here have wanted that for a long time and this is a pretty good PR move for the Orioles (as opposed to this horrible PR move made by the birds). Also, for their owner, Peter Angelos, will get more money as I am sure many Oriole fans will buy these new away uniforms.
I am glad the Orioles are doing this for another reason. It really frustrates me when team's away uniforms do not say the town, city, or state where they play. There are two main reasons. One, its not traditional. Two, and more importantly, having the town, city or state, name on the away jersey creates more of a fan base and a feeling of city pride for the team.

Also according to the Baltimore Sun, today is the anniversary or Nolan Ryan's 4th no-hitter. It happened in 1975 when he was with the Angels, and he defeated the Orioles 1-0. This also was his 100th career victory. I bring this up because tonight, Johan Santana goes for his 100th major league victory.

(Article on Baltimore away Jerseys can be found on 1D, information on Nolan Ryan can be found on page 5D of today's Baltimore Sun.

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