Game 54 Preview

The Mets will see today if their winning streak was a sign of things to come or a tease of a season that will never be with today's game. If the Mets win today, they still have a shot of taking this series and they will have to get through Billingsley this afternoon.
Billingsley has already pitched against the Mets once this season, beating the Mets in 6 innings of work. He allowed a run, walked four and struck out 4. Besides one inning of work against the Mets in 2007, this is his only experience against the Mets. On the season, he is 4-6 over 12 games and 56.2 IP and has posted an ERA of 3.68. The following Mets have these stats against Billingsley:
    Schneider 2-7
    Beltran 2-4
    Reyes 0-3
    Wright 0-3
What was frustrating last time the Mets played Billingsley is that they could not get anything going. They would walk on base, they would get hits, but they just could not drive anybody home. The past four games the Mets have scored 25 runs, so if they can keep that up, then the Mets should be fine today.
The Mets will need Pelfrey to step up today. On the season, he is 2-6 over 9 games and 49.0 innings pitched, he has posted an ERA of 5.33. He has never started against the Dodgers and there are no current players on the Dodgers that have a batting history with Pelfrey, so here are some stats about Pelfrey this year:
    Left-handed Batters – .385 BA
    Right-handed Batters – .272 BA
    1st PA vs Pelfrey .286 BA
    2nd PA vs Pelfrey .299 BA
    3rd PA vs Pelfrey .404 BA
That third time around the batting order, batting average worries me, but hopefully that won't happen today.
Lets Go Mets!

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