Streaks Right Now

It has always amazed me how emotions can change over the course of a 162 game season. A three game winning streak can completely change how everyone feels. Last week, I was nearing depression. Baseball did not look good for the Mets and I was starting to get jealous of other teams that were winning. Now the Mets started to win, but more importantly, they started to play with that same energy they did in 2006. The past two days I have gotten up in the morning and thought, “Man, its a great day to turn on ESPN to watch Sportscenter.”
This all goes to show how amazing a game baseball is. How it can take a whole community of people (a community of Mets fans of course) and put them on an emotional roller coaster.
On the topic of current streaks. The Royals have lost 11 straight, and I feel like I haven't really heard anything about their losing ways. I'm assuming the majority of that is due to the media expecting the Royals to lose. At the start of the season, they were pretty good, but of all the teams that surprisingly started off good, they have just lost all of the wheels on their car. Their record right now is 21-33, meaning before the streak it was 21-22, around where the Mets are now. Just goes to show anything anything can happen.
Besides the Mets and the Royals, there are only four other teams on streaks of three games or more. The San Francisco Giants are now on a 3 game winning streak, the Cubs, Twins and the Phillies are each on 4 game winning streaks right now.
Lets keep it going! (Except the Phillies)

Update (4:22):
I forgot to look at the NL West! The Diamondbacks, Dodgers, and Rockies all have four game losing streaks right now. Rockies are close right now to ending that streak.
Update (5:20):
Rockies give up 9 unanswered runs after putting up 8 unanswered runs to lose 10-9 to the Cubs. The Rockies, reigning NL champs, now have a losing streak at 5 games.

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