The Errors!

Here's my new goal I would like to see in the Mets for the next few days. For a while I wanted to see them just flat out win, then it was to score runs, but I think over the last week the underlining issue, that has been in the back of minds for Mets fans since mid 2007, has surfaced:

The Mets need enthusiasm on the field and they need to ditch the attitude that the wins will come!.

So, the solution here is that the Mets need to start playing flawless baseball on the field. They have to stop making errors, and they need to pay attention on the base paths. One of this biggest offenders of this, and I hate to say this, is Jose Reyes. He fell asleep on the base paths in the extra inning loss on Friday, and his error last night started off the game for the Mets and allowed in two runs. I am aware that he made up for those runs with homers, which is great (I love to see power from him), but if he can get back to good defense like he has shown in years past, he can help lead this team out of the rut they are in!

Lets start tonight! Play fundamentals!

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