Season Opener and Games abroad thus far

Part of this post I have been saving since the Padres and the Dodgers went to China to play their two game set. I watched part of both of those games, and watched part of a Red Sox game vs a Japanese team earlier this Spring. It was really something to see. The China games were entertaining really because of the announcers. On mlbtv, we got the Padres booth, but the problem is that they didn't send the Padres booth to China, so they were announcing off of a single monitor that was being control by an international production team. This production team did not have a lot of experience with baseball so they didn't know what to get in a camera shot. For example, on close plays and steals, the umpire was not in the shots so the announcers had to tell by the look on the faces of the other players in the field if the call was safe or out.
The exhibition games in Japan showed another side of baseball because of how into the game the fans over there are. If you have time, I highly suggest heading over to the part of with the coverage of the opening series and looking at the photos from the past few games there.

Now, as for today, the only criticism I have is opening the MLB season more than a half a week earlier in another country, because as of right now, it does not feel that that baseball has really started (I know this is fairer though for those teams involved to get back adjusted to USA time).
The game itself today seemed exciting, I couldn't tell you myself because I was not awake for it, but from the box it seemed exciting. The game went into extra innings where Boston beat Oakland. (Huston Street blew the game as for some reason Oakland had him pitch for two innings, I feel that if this game was in America, that decision might have been different because of more depth of pitchers). At least the game was tied in the ninth in thrilling fashion as Boston (Brandon Moss) hit a homer to tie it and then in the Tenth Manny put them ahead to win it on a double. The end score was 6-5 Boston.
After the next game, Boston comes back to the states for an exhibition series with the Dodgers at the old Dodger Stadium.

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