More Thoughts about Today's Opening Day

I just had a chance to watch the bottom of the ninth to the end of the game on an ESPN re-telecast this afternoon and have some further thoughts on the topic of opening day.
First, I am not sure if I saw this right, and tried to look at still photos and had some trouble, but is Oakland wearing Pepsi Logos on their arms? If they are, is the EMC on the arms of the Red Sox also an advertisement? If those are true, and someone who knows please contact me, but thats really wrong. Its like that one time when they were going to advertise one of the Spiderman movies on the edges of the bases. There is so much advertising on baseball, please MLB, leave it off of the uniforms in future opening day series. (That being said, I never want to see a:
Geico Auto Insurance World Series
Sprite Presents the World Series
(I think you get the point)

I am glad though to see the spirit in the ballpark and that it is full. The Tokyo Dome seems deceptively full.

Saw it again, has to be Pepsi
Also, when they are throwing in the underground bullpen, sounds like there are no catchers, the ball sounds like its slamming against something harder than a glove.

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