Outfield Options 3: A. Jones vs Rowand

There have been a lot of rumors recently about the Mets and Jones, and a lot of other blogs talking about the possibility of Rowand, so how would each player affect the lineup?

In my opinion, Jones shifts the lineup from being (ideally) speed based with power to being balanced. This year, he hit for more for power than average. Power wise he will add some pop, but I feel that Wright should stay in the 3 spot, and Beltran in the 4, so then that means that Jones will have to play it out with Alou for fifth, and Delgado could still be in the mix for that spot in the lineup.

Rowand shifts the lineup towards the scrappier side of speed with power, which is something that I personally love. I love watching baseball teams like this and an addition of Eckstein I feel would work very well with Rowand on the team. He is a solid bat that could help add stability to the end of the lineup and raise the OBP for bottom of the lineup, which in turn should help Reyes and his RBI numbers.


Just what I have been thinking about today.

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