Elimination Numbers

(Before I begin, I would like to start off with saying that this will be my 213th post).


We are getting to that time of the year were magic numbers will start slipping towards 0, and teams will start to get eliminated. Here's Looking to the first five draft pics of '08 (ruling out any loss of picks due to compensation losses

First to be eliminated from winning the division, thats the Devil Rays, their number is 6. (Theres no hope for a division come back in this case)

This helps the Devil Rays even more with that 2012 world series championship ring again, as they are currently destinied to get one of the top picks….again.

Rounding out the bottom three is (ironically) Texas and Baltimore, who both have a magic number of 16. Baltimore could use the high draft pick, as their minors system is lacking position players outside of Matt Wieters (2007 draft pick) and Billy Rowell (19 year old first baseman, just loss a 27 game on base streak.

There are two teams with a magic number of 19, that would be the Florida Marlins, and the Sanfancisco Giants.

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