The Future

Between the opening play of the game (Reyes scoring on the double error) and Gomez's SB and 3-4 day at the plate, I really started to think about how fun the future will be as soon as Gomez really matures. He has the speed potential of Reyes, and with Willie at the head of the ship, The Mets will just be running all over rest of the league.

I know this is not a bold prediction, or one that has never been made before. But, it is really an awesome thought to think about the possible future with this much speed on the feild.


On another note, things we are sure to hear tommorow because its a nationally televised game:

1) How “electrfieing” Reyes is, and how he is the most exciting player in the league
2) How old Franco is, and how amazing it is that he keeps playing
3) The Job that Omar has done, putting together this team
4) Probably the recent problems of the Mets this month
5) Since its the Cards at Shea, Game 7, over and over again
6) The Beltran Debate
7) Delgado's BA

Thats just to name a few of the nationally televised cliches for the mets

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The inevitable comparisons of our SS and 3b to the Yankees as well. Maybe they'll mention Beltran's many post season home runs against the Cardinals.(I think he's one short of Babe Ruth for post season home runs against them)

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