Sorry for the infrequencies of posts…I have been having a lot of intenet problems recently and many times I cant login.


On that note:

With the Baltimore Orioles, the most recent news is that they are going to hold off on the manager search for a little bit, and should resume later in the week. The usual suspects are rumored to be involved. Dusty Baker removed himself. The Orioles are now hoping to look at Davey Johnson, Don Baylor, possibly Trembly and a few others. The majority of the beat writers in Baltimore think that the Orioles should go through with the fire sale.


Yesterday on ESPNEWS, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal made a surprise interview where they shared their insight with baseball. Williams said he would call Bonds to the plate like this “BRACE YOURSELFS…FOR THE BIG ONE!” He also did an impersonation of Sosa.


As with last night, I really do like when people get ejected. Good for you LoDuca for sticking up with your fight. I got made fun of today by a Cardinal fan who said that Paul would get suspended now, which to that I said “so what, it was worth it”.


Mets are on ESPN2 tommorow night! Bad commentary, but at least its a game televised here.


Until next time, Elliot

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