D. Easely

D. Easely has hit 7 homers in 74 AB so far this year.

Between the years 97-99, each year Easely having more than 527 AB's, he hit 22, 27, and 20 homers repsectivily.

He only had two other seasons between 92 and 07 where he had more than 10 homers, 2000 and 2001 where he hdad 14 and 11.

From 04-06, he hit 9 homers each year. He had over 180 AB's each of those years.

In 2004, he had 223 AB, roughly 3 times as much as this year, and 9 homers, and if he hard around that many AB's this year, he should have around 21 homers, which would be the first time since 99 having over 2000 homers. Any way you look at it, he is having much better year than expected.

On another note, earlier this season he had his 5000th AB.


I'm also working on another project that I thought I would have done by today but It doesnt look like that. Its the composition of a winning team, trying to correlate different offensive stats and wins.

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