Tonight's showdown

This was a quote on today from Scott Schonewies:

“Friday is the biggest game in New York, Saturday's the biggest in the nation and Sunday's the biggest in the universe.”

That gets my blood flowing, I live for rivalries


Delgado has a .362 agaisnt Pettite, and has 10 walks. Pettite has a 3.39ish ERA agasinst the Mets. Perez has faced the Yanks twice in his carear, once a Padre once as Pirate.

Some other numbers, the Mets are 80-83 in interleague play, and 22-32 agaisnt the Yanks. Piazza and Floyd both have the most amount of homers in Interleague Play, 8 each. Lieter holds the victories, ERA, and strikeout records.

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