Game 7: Astros at Mets, Bradford, Utley

Well….today was interesting. The Mets lost 11-3


Mike Pelfry had 4 ER over 5 innings

This was his first really bad start of the spring, Its not going to affect his roster position and he will be the number 5 guy mid to end April.

Sosa was just bad today, .2, not even a full inning, and he allowed 6 runs

For good pitching news, look at Heilman and Wagner who in a 8-9 formation each pitched one hit innings.


Hitting wise, Jose Valetine has continued to get into rythem today by having a 2 RBI game

He is still going to be important this year, lets just hope in October he gets on a hot streak



Chad Bradford threw a scoreless inning for the Orioles today, reducing his ERA by a point of two so now it is below 11.

In enemy news, Utley hit two homers today

This kid is scary, and unlike Howard, pitchers will not be able to get around him because he can slap the ball to all areas of the field.

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