“Deep” Look at todays Game, General Baseball

First off, general baseball post now can be found at:


Todays post is a continatuont of my earlier post. Not the same at all, has more facts and info, so check it.


Ok on to todays game:

Hitting Doubles today was Delgado and new comer, Ben Johnson, an outfield prospect we received from the Padres, and its nice to see him hitting, however he is an OF as well, which means that OF in Triple A is gonna be really crowded

Johnson actually got 2 hits, Milledge, Franco, and Easily all got hits today as well. Newhan with 2 sac flys, Franco 2 run hit

Overall, with the offense, today was good news for the Mets Bench. The 07 bench had 4 RBI, and a few hits, so good job again Omar.

O and surprise, Reyes stole a base.

Wagner allowed two hits, and a run. One inning

Perez, 2 innings, 4 runs, 5 hits, a walk, a strikeout…so a lot of work to go there.

Everyone else didnt allow a run. I was most happy to see that Soler not allowing any runs because i still feel that he can be a dark horse fro that last position. ANother similar opinion about this can be found at the Brogna Blog as well.

My overall opinion is that Im just happy for baseball!,

Tommorow, my other team, the Orioles plays the Marlins at the Marlins, so that should be an opportunity to look at some division rivalry

And the Mets play a nice, friendly team we all love, the Cardinals, BEAT THEM GO METS

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