The Number 23

Yesterday I saw the Number 23, so I thought i would do a series about the number 23 in baseball.

Now in the movie they contort numbers in really strange ways in order to make the number 23, so i will do the same, and some might not make sense until u see the movie

Todays 23 target will be the catcher of the Yankees, Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada hit 23 homeruns last year.

He walked 64 times, half of that is 32, which reveresed is 23.

He made his major League Debut on 9/4/95. so lets take 5×9-4-9, that gives the answer of 32, which reversed is 23

Finally, his full name Jorge Rafael Posada, which equals up to 154 when all the letters get their number values. Take 154, and do this (1+5)4, that gives you 64. 64 divided by 2 is 32, 32 reversed is 23.


When doing this i also found some funny numbers, that i will post later.

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