My name is E Teichman and I am a Mets fan that lives just outside of Baltimore City Maryland. Like just about every other met fan out there, my love of the lovable losers (not that they are that anymore) comes from family members and being raised in a mets household.

So heres to a great season! (Btw, does anyone know how to place a picture as the title header, cause i have a graphic)


A Baseball News Roundup for the day:

ESPN reports that the problem that caused Barry Bonds contract to go back to the Giants before being approved does not concern the contract clause that contract can be void if he is indicted. The Union has no problem with this clause because they feel it is uninforcable, the League feels it is.

I cant wait to see this one play out.

Sammy Sosa deal also done, (mlbtraderumors.com).

I will be the first one at Camden Yards when the Rangers come to town (by the miracle sammy soso makes the team) and be the first one to heckle him, cause that season with the Orioles was a joke, a big one, and as a fan of the Orioles (second by a long shot to the Mets) he was just a disgrace to them that year and shows why the Orioles need to shed Angelos.

Big Peice of news I am missing. The brookly cyclones announced a few days ago, or maybe a week ago, or more, that Edgar Alfonzo is the new manager, Thats great but where is mookie?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey man I saw you just started your blog, congrats. I am the blogger over at Mookie number 1 in your program and your heart. I saw you wanted to put a graphic up in the banner, and I am trying to do the same thing. Here is the link I found: http://demo.blogharbor.com/blog/HowTo/_archives/2003/12/26/10894.html
    good luck and feel free to hop on over to mookiewilson.metsblog.com and check my site out.

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