213 Miles From Shea is Here

Congratulations – www.213milesfromshea.com is now online!

Login and post your first articles and pictures
Access your weblog's Admin Control Panel from the Login tab on any BlogHarbor page, or just click here. Check out our
Quick Start guide
to posting your first article
and you'll be ready to go!

Tip: The User Manual can show you how to edit
and delete
, so you can either remove this article from your site or
just edit it to say what you want.

Photo Albums
Sharing photos from your digital camera has never been easier!
Create an unlimited number of Photo Albums to organize and share your pictures.
We've created a sample album for you here to show you what's possible.
Don't forget to check out our Quick
Start Guide to Posting Photos
to learn all about using these incredible features.

BlogHarbor's Photo Albums feature a slideshow function, which automatically builds
a slideshow for all of the images in an album. Look for the icon shown here at
the top of your sample Photo Album.

Favorites lists, often called blogrolls, allow you to add
lists of your favorite links to your blog's sidebar.
We've added a sample Favorites list to your blog with some links to
charitable organizations.
In the Working with Favorites
section of our publisher's manual,
you'll learn how to create and manage your own lists of favorites.

Free Posting Editor!
Here's another easy way to post to your blog – use our featured
posting editor, the Zoundry Blog
. It gives you more functionality, like drag and
drop images, easy tagging and offline editing, and your posts stay
in sync with your Control Panel. Plus the Blog Writer allows you to place
affiliate links in your blog and earn money when readers click
through and buy at selected merchants. Click here to
learn more and download this free posting editor from Zoundry (for Windows
2000 and XP.)

Need some help?
We've got an online Users
to guide you, Community Forums where you can
share your experiences with other BlogHarbor webloggers, and a series of
How To articles where we
share our tips and tricks for managing some advanced, useful, or just
plain cool features of your weblog. Access our support resources from
the Help tab on any BlogHarbor page, or click here.

Tip: Don't forget the Username and the Email Address
you used to signup for your Free Trial Blog. If you forget your
password, you'll need this information in order for us to send your
password to you. You can always have your Username and Password mailed
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Good luck with your blog!
We hope you enjoy sharing with your Free Trial Blog from BlogHarbor.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any
questions about your service.

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